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North TexasWireless Networking Services

Wireless Networking


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North Texas Wireless Networking Services

Work with Essential Business Solutions to ensure your wireless network delivers on reliability, performance, availability, and security.

We at Essential Business Solutions has extensive experience designing and deploying enterprise-class wireless networks. We can help you get started with the latest Wi-Fi standard—or help you find a solution that fits the needs of your organization.  We don’t stop at just installing the necessary hardware and software, we carefully integrate each component of your wireless network to create a cohesive environment with optimal performance.

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Secure Wireless Network Integration

Granting yourself and your users the ability to step away from the desk to meet and collaborate can increase productivity, and when everybody can be on the network with their laptops or tablets, you can get even more done. However, store-bought commercial wireless routers aren’t really designed to handle the traffic your business needs, nor do they have the security in place to keep your activity safe.

Wireless Networking – What to COnsider

Workplace Size

How much of your office needs wireless access?

Depending on the size of your organization, your office could be a series of small rooms, an entire building, or a city block. Naturally, you want access to Wi-Fi across the entire perimeter of your workplace. However, as one router may not be enough to handle all areas of your office, implementing a solution to this problem can be complicated. Another consideration is that routers often conflict with each other if they’re within range of one another, making it ideal for the setup process to be performed by a professional.

Essential Business Solutions knows the ins and outs of how to set up wireless access across your organization’s entire office, including how to avoid discrepancies with both wiring and router specifications. Our trusted technicians know can quickly ascertain what kind of wireless routing solution that would be best for you, and they’ll work around your requirements to ensure you get a wireless network that meets your business’ unique demands.

Number of Users
How many users need access to your Wi-Fi?
A router only replicates a certain amount of bandwidth. This naturally controls the speed of your service. When more users are connected to a particular router, they consume more of the available bandwidth. The increased traffic can affect your organizations’ productivity, and potentially even disrupt your connection completely.

This is why it’s imperative that you understand the limitations that your routers have, and that you need to consider how many users will be accessing each one at any given time. Essential Business Solutions can help your organization optimize router deployment so that your users always have consistent access to your Wi-Fi, increasing both productivity and efficiency.

Levels of Security
How strict should your login credentials be?
Last but not least, your organization needs to ensure optimal security on your wireless networks. Many threats, like viruses and malware, are capable of infiltrating unsecured Wi-Fi networks and spread their infections like wildfire. This can put any and all devices that connect to your Wi-Fi in danger; not to mention your organization’s data infrastructure.

When Essential Business Solutions deploys a wireless solution, we make sure that it takes into account industry best practices to create the Wi-Fi security you need to protect your network. You don’t want to rely on the default hardware-level firewall protection to keep your organization’s network safe from threats. Our professional technicians know how best to keep your wireless networks safe, and we can educate your staff about best practices, too.

Integrated Technology

Get Started with Wireless Solutions Today

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Wired connections definitely have their places in the modern office, but today’s organizations need to come equipped with the secure mobility that an integrated wireless solution from Essential Business Solutions can provide. To expand your connectivity and integrate increased productivity into your workplace, call us today at (903) 335-7581 and ask about our wireless solutions.

Essential Business Solutions has been a key asset for us in the realm of technology and internet/internet security. Justin and David have cataloged our entire technology inventory, upgraded infrastructure, and streamlined processes which allow our folks to have quick access to things they need to be effective in the classroom. They have also assisted us with determining when former technologies have become obsolete for our use and have found avenues for us to capitalize on items’ remaining values to assist with upgrades. They are always quick to respond and don’t mind putting in the extra effort and hours to keep us running at a very high level.

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