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North Texas Data Backup Services

Data Backup


Essential Business Solutions

North Texas Data Backup Services

Reliable Backups Focused on Speedy Recovery

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive enterprise solution to back up all of your data offsite, or you need a basic solution to hold copies of the information housed on remote workers’ devices, Essential Business Solutions has you covered. We provide reliable cloud backup services to organizations anywhere in the world, letting them use remote networks to complement their on-premise hardware setups. 

Data Backup

Your Digital COntingency Plan

The point of backing up your systems is to make sure you can RECOVER from disaster. That means you’ve got to backup everything possible and make sure it’s easy to leverage your backups when the critical moment comes.

What is Included?

Image Backups: Saving not only your files, but also your operating system(s), applications, users, and settings.


Cloud Storage: We save your backups in the cloud so they’re protected from anything that could damage your onsite equipment.


Virtualization: If you’re unable to use your onsite computers, we’ll use your backups to spin up a virtual copy of your systems in the cloud that you can easily access from any computer that can connect to the Internet.

Proving the Backups Work

It’s not enough to just assume your backups are working right. That could lead to a nasty surprise at a critical moment. Instead, we prove you can rely on your business continuity plan.


Backup Monitoring & Testing: We’ll remotely monitor and test your backups every time. If one backup fails, we’ll immediately restart the process.


Regular Recovery Dry-Run: See for yourself how your plan works. We’ll regularly do a mock recovery using your backups, so you know how to leverage the system in the event of a real emergency.

Integrated Technology

Key Features and Differentiators

Key features:

• Closing detection gaps: Proactively monitor, detect,

and eliminate the unknown cyber threats that other

solutions miss with data-independent technology

designed to analyze the composition of a safe email,

OneDrive file, SharePoint site, and Teams chat.

• First encounter detection: Eliminate the time needed to

detect an intrusion by detecting at the first encounter

instead of days later, with a data-independent solution.

• Silent detection: Proactively monitor and eliminate

cyber threats as soon as they are encountered without

manual interference or end-client disruption.

• Layered defense: Protect against permanent cloud

data loss by layering SaaS Defense on top of SaaS

Protection backup, blocking email and collaboration

malware attacks up front but also ensuring your ability

to recover from accidental or malicious data deletion or


Key differentiators:

• Detection against the unknown: SaaS Defense’s patented

technology detects unknown threats that other solutions

miss by analyzing the makeup of a safe document, email,

and chat and detects any malicious change as soon as it is


• Comprehensive threat protection: cyber threats are not

limited to just phishing emails. Proactively protect your

Microsoft 365 suite, including OneDrive, SharePoint, and

Teams, from ransomware, malware, phishing, and BEC.

• Close to Zero Scan time: Efficiently scanning emails and

files to ensure little to no delay in email delivery.

•  SaaS Protection +: The bundled combination of SaaS

Defense and SaaS Protection scans Microsoft 365 for

malicious cyber threats and ensures complete protection

with 3x daily backups and flexible, fast recovery

Essential Business Solutions has been a key asset for us in the realm of technology and internet/internet security. Justin and David have cataloged our entire technology inventory, upgraded infrastructure, and streamlined processes which allow our folks to have quick access to things they need to be effective in the classroom. They have also assisted us with determining when former technologies have become obsolete for our use and have found avenues for us to capitalize on items’ remaining values to assist with upgrades. They are always quick to respond and don’t mind putting in the extra effort and hours to keep us running at a very high level.

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